Green Team and Environment Matters

"Green Team"
ECO Schools
Our environment matters! Let's do our part.
Riverview Alternative School is pleased to take part in the City of Ottawa's green bin program. RAS also participates in blue bin and black bin recycling, including the collection of all student milk cartons. Please ask our students about the many environmental initiates they are working on at Riverview Alternative.
RAS encourages students to bring reusable containers for lunches and encourages parents to discuss reducing, reusing and recycling with their children.
Litterless lunches please!
Keeping in mind our philosophy of treating the earth with respect, and being environmentally responsible citizens, we ask students to bring their lunch items to school in reusable containers. Riverview is committed to reducing waste, reusing containers and recycling/composting as much as is possible. While we do recycle at school, we do not have the same access to the City's services as do households. Students will be returning home any uneaten lunch and snack items, as well as litter from lunch bag items, so that parents are aware of what their child is eating and so that families may recycle items and compost food left-overs. It is advisable for your child to use an empty reusable lunch container to store food items, such as apple cores or gooey wrappers, in order to keep lunch bags clean.
Thank you for reinforcing the good practices of environmental stewardship.
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